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This is a request-blog entry.
We probably still want someone to do something with this idea.

Call for Papers: Fight Club and Philosophy

Is fighting for life something “that men do”? Is meaninglessness the ultimate malady of consumer culture? Is personal and property destruction a means to salvation? Is anarchy a prerequisite for social economic equilibrium? Are women not what men are fighting for/over in the competitive struggle? Is Brad Pitt Nietzsche’s ubermensch? If the first rule of Fight Club is: You Do Not Talk About Fight Club, then the first rule of this collection is, if this is your first time analyzing pop culture and philosophy: You Have To Write.

Fight Club and Philosophy explores the literary and cinematic world of Fight Club as created by Chuck Palahniuk and its filmed adaptation by David Fincher. It aims to investigate the philosophical themes and underpinnings of these works, as well as to use the novel and film as vehicles for exploring and explicating traditional philosophical ideas. Some of the themes that contributors may wish to consider include (but are not limited to): existentialism, gender roles throughout history and literature, Marxism and political economic theory, the philosophic meaning and uses of the doppelganger character, the father as symbol of God, the meaning of life, the necessity of struggle to achieve identity, the film as “neo-noir,” feminist and gay perspectives on the Fight Club phenomenon, and religious antecedents to the men’s group movements of the late 20th century.

We are looking for academically provocative and intellectually engaging material that is first and foremost written by people who care about the reader’s attention span, who can hold an audience to the deadweight of the printed page in an electronically accelerated culture. Please send abstracts and/or completed papers to read at cleave, along with previous publication history. Ph.D.’s not mandatory for consideration.

Titles and abstracts of 300-500 words due by July 15, 2005. Full papers due by December 1, 2005. Please forward this announcement to any groups, listservs, or individuals you know who may be interested.

Posted by: publisher on 30 Jun 2005 ::: 18:26 | Profile

::: writer’s guidelines :::

Wouldn't it be better to say, "Is Tyler Durden Nietzsche's ubermensch?"
Instead of Brad Pitt?

Posted by: Lord Banks on Jul 15, 05 | 5:44 pm ::: Profile

Or what about "Hobbes" instead of Tyler Durden - accordin' to'rat oh-so-friggin' ancient-story of Calvin bein' "Jack" and etc.? ;)

Posted by: Jan Kåre "Sander" Østmark on Aug 18, 05 | 4:23 pm ::: Profile

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