A.I. - How do you like your steak?

Johnny Depp proves to be the best Clinton impersonator this side of Hollywood, deftly portraying the rise and fall of the former President.

ENEMY AT THE GATES - The epic battle of Bill Gates and Steven Jobs is retold through the eyes of Gates.

FIGHT CLUB - Hobbes is reborn as Tyler to save "Jack" (a grown-up Calvin) from the slough of un-comic despair.

FORREST GUMP - Introducing the new James Bond for the Dumbo era: I'm Gump, Forrest Gump.

THE GAME - What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? The game of life turns out to be about dying.

HANNIBAL - "From the Inferno to Paradise with a cannibal pilgrim." A web interpretation from Killing the Buddha.

LADY AND THE TRAMP - Whit Stillman's famous interpretation of Disney's primer on love and marriage from The Last Days of Disco.

THE MATRIX - The most thorough analysis of The Matrix on the Internet. Enter, if you dare.

MULHOLLAND DRIVE - David Lynch makes a two-hour intro to literary theory. Who needs "Ceci n’est pas une pipe"? We have "No hay banda."

THE OTHERS - This, for today’s postmodern feminist, is the nightmare known as motherhood.

PEARL HARBOR - CEO of Coca-Cola lauds director Michael Bay for sacralizing their product.

PLANET OF THE APES - Marketing the KKK.

PLANET OF THE APES - Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes apes The Ten Commandments and reformats the Old Testament as a continuous, hairy loop.

SHREK - Find out why hot babes dig ugly rock stars.

THE SIEGE - September 11, 2001 was like watching a movie. This is what we were watching.

THE SIXTH SENSE - Bang! Psychology is dead. The age of science is over. (If you don't believe us, just check out the WB.) Long live Mulder!

SNATCH - Animal Planet meets Magnolia as Guy Ritchie gives us a taste of Social Darwinism. Can we escape the food chain?

STAR WARS - Phallic light sabers. X-Wing penetration. A dominatrix father. Ugh. Sounds like a tale of impotence.

TOP GUN - Quentin Tarantino deconstructs the ultimate guy film in Sleep with Me.

TOY STORY - The spiritual delusion of Buzz Lightyear.

THE TRUMAN SHOW - Is Truman a sinner or a saint? Luther and Erasmus have a heated exchange over the sovereignty of Christof.

Cinema: The New Cathedral of Hollyworld - Okay, that's a helluva long title. It pretty much explains it though. Films are replacing religion in our cinematic age.

They Are Alive - JFK and Z and the questions of convincing bullshit and propaganda in a righteous cause.

The Evolution of Tom Hanks - Hanks goes meta in Cast Away, an updated version of Joe Versus the Volcano.

Rebel Consumer - Fight Club wants you to shop—at really cool stores.


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