January 2006

Movies as Therapy
Academics Misinterpreting Hollywood
The Dharma of Star Wars
The Chronic Rock-les of Narnia

December 2005

TV Snow and Poltergeist
Jurassic Park

November 2005

Star Wars as Postmodern Art Epic

October 2005

No Direction Home

September 2005

2001: A Space Odyssey
Sexy Beast

August 2005

Redeeming (or Exploiting?) the Matrix
On the Place of Evil in Film
Is it shameless if you get somebody else to do it for you?
Dead Man

July 2005

Napoleon Dynamite
Announcing the Metaphilm Movie Mapper!
Land of the Dead
Land of the Dead
Ralph Winter

June 2005

Call for Papers: Fight Club and Philosophy
Bruce Wayne, Defendant
Star Wars - Batman Begins
The Wicker Man
Bioethics at the Movies
Now there is an interpretation.
Miyazaki II
Mystery and movies
Cape Fear
Let's Hope That's Not the ONLY Reason...
Ocean's Twelve
Need We Mention This?
Use the Farm, Cuke!

May 2005

Jedi as Religion
Juvenile Pop Culture Creators, Compared
Episode III Obligatory Commentary
House of Wax
George Lucas, Interpretive Vindicator
Star Wars
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

April 2005

Apples and Oranges, but still an interesting comparison...
Is There a Shire in the Text?
Bresson's Product Placement
Deconstructing Fear
Whahuh? Oh...yeah.
Incredibles and the Right
The Incredibles
Donnie Darko

March 2005

What Kind of Doctor Are You?
And you thought WE took movies seriously.
Hotel Rwanda
13, 1977, 21
Toy Story 2
Clint Eastwood’s Euthanasia Movie
Why There Are So Many Doors in Movies

February 2005

State of Fear - Day After Tomorrow
Groundhog Day

January 2005

Call for Submissions
Matrix Ghosts
Forget Me Not

December 2004

Napoleon Dynamite
Interpreting Susan Sontag
Roger Ebert, Fanboy
The Rebel Sell
Explanations are Hell
Spider-Man 2
What Makes Them Incredible

November 2004

Red Flag on Incredibles Politics?
Interpreting interpreters
Girl with a Pearl Earring
Two Family Movies
Shaun of the Dead
I Heart Huckabees
Tom Wolfe, Frat House Film Interpreter

October 2004

Alien vs. Predator
Team America World Police
Shards for The Birds
The Big Lebowski
I ♥ Huckabees
Gangstar Wars

September 2004

Lebowski and C3PO
Shaun of the Dead
Fruitful, Consuming Paranoia: A Sci-Fi Master’s Madness
Blade Runner
Gibson’s Sublime Passion
Movies as political puppets
Donnie Darko
Monday Night at Morton's
Hero and Propaganda

August 2004

The Giants of Anime are Coming
The Secret Pleasure of Not Watching Catwoman
Wim Wenders
Media Mini-Trend on Christians at the Movies
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
Two Good Questions
I don't want to talk about it
Spider-Man 2

July 2004

God, Suicide, and the Meaning of Life
I, Robot
A Dear Byron Letter
Pulp Fiction
...A Constant Struggle
The Decalogue

June 2004

Evoking new heights of passion
Anschutz Manifesto
Memory and the Movies
Music in a Foreign Language

May 2004

21 Grams
Ed Gein-ophobia
The Gospel of Tomorrow
Offshoring the Audience
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Player
Phone Booth
The Gift of Fear

April 2004

God, Send a Realistic Tech Flick
When There’s No More Room in Hell
Tarantino on The Passion
Mortality and Mercy in Los Angeles
Kill Bill: Volume 2
Movie Physics
Serious Writers and the Silver Screen
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
He says this like it’s a bad thing
It's not a documentary?
Forget, Memory
The Magic of Images
First Drafts
Die Hard
Spinach Cinema (SPIN.ich sin.uh.muh) n.

March 2004

Being John Malkovich
Being John Malkovich
Elvish Is Studied Here
Life of Brian
Ancanar Footage to Premiere at Ringbearer's Day
Perfect! It's actually my ... third choice ... but it's wonderful
Punch-Drunk Love
The Dark Materials debate
Shock and Awe, or Plot and Acting?
Is The Sopranos a Chick Show?
The Sopranos
Dumb and Dumber
The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth
Is Grammer and Foremat Important?
The Movie Alphabet Game
Today, a Movie Beauty's Got to Look Beastly
The Purpose of Discussion
Oscar Night Projections
The Passion of the Christ

February 2004

The Passion over the Passion
Woody Allen, pretentious—or?
Lost in Translation
Red and Blue Movies?
So That's Where Pink Floyd Got The Idea
It's Movieoke Night!
Lights! Camera! Being!
Let Sundance Say “Amen!”
Mystic River
If X did not exist it would be necessary for us to invent X . . .
Free Billy!
21 Grams
A Little Close to the Bone...
The Silence of the Lambs
A Mighty Wind
The Ring and the Diabolical Imaginary
Hollywood Animal Gone Wild
World of Horror
Bottoms Up
Enraged Filmgoers: The Wages of Faith?
Job, The Movie

January 2004

Disney's PR Office Gloating...
Ikea-Phobia and Fight Club
The Word, According to John
Être et Avoir
Metropolitan and Mansfield Park
The Celluloid Presidency
Did Big Fish Kill Spalding Gray?
Ghost World
Loving the Hulk
Special Effects Become Mannerist
A List of Philosophical Films
Shawshank Redemption
The Shawshank Redemption
The Wilhelm Scream
Beyond Thumbs Up or Down
The Passion of the Christ
Cinema Comes Full Circle
Death of Story
Rage, Rage
Bruce Almighty
Interpreters Wanted
Big Fish
Irresistible Revisionist Historiography
A Brief History of Las Vegas
The Last Samurai
Mystic River
'That's What I'm Tolkien About!'

December 2003

Boomer 'Revisionists'
Miracle on 34th Street
It's a Wonderful Life
The Redemption of Guilt
J. R. R. Tolkien, Enemy of Progress
Groundhog Almighty
Fight Club
Finding Nemo
Kill Bill, Vol. 1
Economics Lost in Translation
The Sensitive Guys' Guide to Mayhem and Death

November 2003

May I have a show of hands?
Marshall McLuhan, Film Interpreter
On Good Movies
Stone Reader Succeeds
Whit Stillman, Class Clown
Matrix Revolutions, The Corporate Mofo Guide
Every Man a Demiurge
Kill Bill: Volume 1
Haunted Hollywood
Bleating the Matrix
The Matrix Revolutions
If Pigs Could Fly
Lynch Goes from Twin Peaks to World Peace
The Matrix as hip philosophy textbook
The Salma Hayek vs. Friedrich Hayek Scorecard

October 2003

Hop into History
What compels us to visit The Exorcist?
Anything Else
City of Angels Film Festival, Oct 23-26

September 2003

A Festival for the Rest of Us
The Lion King
Bruce Almighty
Why Buffy Kicked Ass
Movie Therapy

August 2003

Pulp Fiction
Masked and Anonymous
Here and Hereafter
Christ Figures in the Movies
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
The Animatrix
Cat People
Movies That Trick Us
The Matrix: Reloaded
Fight Club's Hidden Conflict
Save Us!
Fight Club
The Matrix: Reloaded, Re-Decoded
Poetic License and Geography

July 2003

The Rings of Tolkien and Plato
The Way We Were
Face of an Angel
Tolkien’s Green Time
The Pretentious Summer Superhero
Finding Hulko
Lights, Camera, Action. Marxism, Semiotics, Narratology.
Pirates of the Caribbean
28 Days Later
Sunny Side Up
Banner Wrath
Legally Arnold
Ideology Reloaded
Pentium Matrix
Marprelate Matrix
The Matrix Loses Its Way
The Matrix and Monsters Inc.: Mirror Movies?
Blockbuster mentality killed movie creativity

June 2003

Babette's Feast and the Reclamation of Melodrama
The Matrix: Reloaded, Decoded
Church of the Masses
High-Heeled and Dangerous
Hindu Matrix?
The Hulk (and the Bunny)
All the Rage: The Hulk in Us All
F/X Porn
Dominatrix Reloaded
2 Fast 2 Furious
Transformers: The Movie
Hollow Matrix
Priests in Black
Sweet Home Alabama
Audio Decoded
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
The Man Who Wasn't There
A Culturewatcher's Take on The Matrix
Gnosis Reloaded

May 2003

One Baaad Messiah
The Message of Bruce Almighty
Scent of a Woman
Fab hats, with a smirk
Why We Are Drawn to The Matrix
The Matrix as Midrash
The Matrix Reloaded
There's No Exit From the Matrix
The intellectual and 'The Matrix'
The Matrix way of knowledge
The History of the One Ring
Punch Drunk Love
Bad Interpretation
Eyes Wide Shut
X-Men / X2
The Gospel According to Neo
The Unreal Thing
God finally gets his close-up?
The Matrix Legacy
Keanu Reads
Who Knew?
Daniel 05:15
The Matrix: Rejected
The Lord of the Rings
The Matrix

April 2003

Higher Powers
Wide Angle Tie-ins
The Shining
The Shining
Philosophers and The Matrix
Monsters from the Id
About a Boy
Welcome to the New Metaphilm
The End (of Movies as We Know Them)?
Is this heaven? No, it's a sports movie

March 2003

The Axis of Goth
Stone Reader
Baudrillard and The Matrix
25th Hour
Movie One-Liners
Lord of the Rings
Vietnam War Films
Clone of the Attacks

February 2003

Buffy, Theologian of the Year

December 2002


November 2002

Josie and the Pussycats
Standing in the Shadows of Motown
8 Mile

October 2002

The Americans
The Wizard of Oz

July 2002

Le Poulet en Colère
Twelve Monkeys
The Sum of All Fears
Minority Report
Planet of the Apes
The Europeans
The Powerpuff Girls
Y tu mamá también

June 2002

A Beautiful Mind
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Metropolis (1927)
Panic Room
Metropolis (2001)
The Royal Tenenbaums
Legally Blonde

May 2002

Donnie Darko
The Lord of the Rings

April 2002

Monster's Ball
A Beautiful Mind
Training Day

March 2002

Mary Poppins
Planet of the Apes
The Wizard of Oz
Fight Club
The Lord of the Rings
2001: A Space Odyssey

February 2002

The Lord of the Rings
Waking Life

November 2001

They Are Alive
Silly American Films
Rebel Consumer
The Sixth Sense
Star Wars
The Evolution of Tom Hanks
Cinema—The New Cathedral of Hollyworld
The Others
Enemy at the Gates

October 2001

Mulholland Drive
The Siege
Pearl Harbor

August 2001

Top Gun
A Movie Critic Repents
Apocalypse Now Revisited
Dumb Films Say More Than You Think

July 2001


June 2001


May 2001

The Truman Show

March 2001

The Matrix
Toy Story
Lady and the Tramp
Fight Club
The Game

February 2001

Forrest Gump

January 2000

Nietzsche and the Meaning of Noir